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Nature - Play - Learn

Discover the power of play, joy of learning and wonder of discovery atop a beautiful hill in the East Bay.

Spring session online booking starts March 14, 2023  2023/24 preschool application deadline is April 1


Preschool Enrollment

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Nature/Play-Based Class

We offer a child-led experience in a nature enriched environment where their cognitive, social/emotional

and physical development is enhanced!  


Class includes: (No drop offs) 

Approximate Age: 1.5-7

  • Process art 

  • Story/movement time

  • Nature based/open ended materials

  • Sensory/manipulative play

  • Free/collaborative art

  • Dramatic/creative play

  • Mini hike in the woods (Winter and Spring session)

  • Mud kitchen 

And much more!!!!!


​*Class is 2 hours

The Oak Tree Playhouse | Martinez | Bay Area | Early Education | Play Based | Outdoor Class | Toddler

Hi, I'm Yuka!

I am a certified teacher of play-based Early Childhood Education and mother of two children. ​I let children use my face as a canvas and love messy process art and creative play!

 Early in my motherhood experience,  I decided to learn as much as possible about how little humans think, play and develop.  My education on the subject was so intriguing and compelling to me that I decided to become a preschool teacher.  Through exploring the property around our home with my own children, I discovered my true calling: to share this world of curiosity, awe, and holistic growth with other families. Innovating play-based philosophy to open the minds of children is the delight of my life. I believe that this is my purpose, and I take enormous joy in fulfilling this purpose.

We jump on every opportunity to participate in Ms.Yuka’s class! My 2.5yo has blossomed since attending. Ms.Yuka does an incredible job engaging the kids and creating an atmosphere so captivating our son doesn't even realize how much he's learning and developing new skills. It is always a new and exciting experience! 

Tanya F.

Birthday Parties

Looking for a venue for your next child's birthday party. We have the most exclusive and beautiful place for you. 

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The Oak Tree Playhouse | Martinez | Bay Area | Early Education | Play Based | Outdoor Class | Toddler


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